Simoto Paving

We at Simoto Trading has been the paving contarctor of choice for communities over the last for years . we are one of the leading paving companies and can provide solutions to all your paving needs,whether they are urgent repairs like potholes.

Crack Sealing

we fix cracks in your pavin,. cracks allow moisture penetration from rain which in return erode the base of your parking lot,as this penetrate your pavement base,the cracks widen and evaentually cause potholes.

Unrepaired potholes will chip away and become more severe pavement issues.hhis exposes you top severe hazards like potholes

Crack sealing is the first line of defense against the degration and failure of pavements,Sealing these gaps stops the seepage of harmfull substances penetrating the pavement,hence prolonging the kife of your pavement investment

We have much experience in all of the services below:
  • paving
  • driveways
  • car parks
  • fencing
  • should you require any information,please contact me on 0825332902 or mail me